Hunting provides state of the art Precision Manufacturing capabilities, Deep Hole Drilling/Boring, Gun Drilling, Precision Grinding, Honing, Trepanning and an assortment of critical inspection and coating capabilities supported with a world class quality system through it's Dearborn division.

Industries Hunting provides products and services to:

• Oil and Gas
• Aerospace
• Government and Defence
• Power Generation 
• Nuclear
• Commercial Equipment
• Chemical/Refining
• Transportation

Products and Services

Deep Hole Drilling and Bore Machining Services

• Gun Drilling
• Deep Hole Drilling
• Trepanning
• Honing
• Pull Boring
• BTA/STS Drilling
• Bottle Bores
• Contour Bores
• Skiving/Reaming
• Bore Burnishing

CNC Machining Services

• CNC Milling
• CNC Turning
• CNC Grinding

Coating and Surface Treatments

• Shot Peening
• Black Oxide
• Hard Facing

Inspection Services

• CMM Inspection
• Helium Leak Check
• Gage Calibration
• Mag Particle Inspection
• Dye Penetrant Inspection
• Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions

• Concurring Engineering Support
• Materials Management
• Coating and Surface Treatment
• Welding
• Laser Welding and Hard Facing 
• Supply Chain Integration

Oil & Gas Machining

Oil & Gas Machining

Dearborn leads the way in deep-hole drilling and precision machining of complex Oil & Gas components.



Dearborn continues to develop, produce, and deliver a variety of high-complexity, mission-critical parts for the aerospace industry.

Power Generation

Power Generation

Critical deep hole drilled components for nuclear reactors, and balanced turbine shafts for commercial power generation.

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