Precision Machining

Hunting is the world leader in providing Precision CNC Machining. Our reputation of providing Precision Machining Solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations are driven from a foundation of world class machinists, in house designed machining centers, carefully engineering and controlled manufacturing plans and state of the art quality systems.

Finish Machining Capabilities:

CNC Turning:
Diameters up to 40 inches, lengths up to 360 inches.

CNC Milling Center:
Vertical/horizontal up to 30 inch x 30 inch, exceeding lengths of 360 inches.
4 axis CNC Mill with head tilt capabilities.
Diameters up to 40 inches, lengths up to 177 inches.

EDM – Sinker:
Internal and external geometries

CNC Mill/Turn Center:
5 axis mill and turn capabilities.
Diameters up to 30 inches, lengths up to 177 inches.

CNC Cylindrical Grinding:
Diameters up to 24 inches, lengths up to 10 feet.

Spline & Gear Machining: Shaping, Hobbing and Grinding:  
Shape - ID/OD up to 10 inch pitch diameters, lengths up to 6 inches.
Hob - OD up to 16 inch diameters, lengths up to 56 inches.
CNC grinding - OD up to 30 inch diameters, lengths to up 130 inches
CNC spline grinding - splines, modified splines and gears, up to 19 inch diameters, lengths up to 110 inches.

Centerless Grinding:
Thru feed 1 inch up to 5 inch diameters, lengths up to 20 feet.

Precision Dynamic Shaft Balancing:
Shafts to lengths of 10 feet.

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