Chemical Injection Metering Valve

Hunting’s Chemical Injection Metering Valve (CIMV) provides subsea chemical injection metering for multiple-well field developments with long offset distances from the host production facility.

Our CIMV technology benefits the operator by simultaneously delivering multiple chemicals at controlled and verifiable injection rates, providing continuous chemical injection despite loss of host electrical power, and injecting chemicals under a wide range of differential pressures without regard to fluid viscosity.

This revolutionary technology provides a cost-effective and reliable solution that has redefined subsea chemical injection accuracy and performance.

Some of the features of Hunting’s CIMV include:
• Real-time positive-displacement injection feedback
• Self-regulating active valve orifice which accommodates for varying pressure differentials, fluid viscosities and potential contamination
• Automatic cleansing cycles that flush potentially clogging contaminants
• Capability  to house up to two hydraulic cores


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