Hunting Subsea Technologies' Titianium Stress Joints (TSJs) offer high-strength, low weight, superior fatigue performance and innate corrosion resistance - ensuring that they thrive in the most arduous deepwater production environments.

TSJs offer unmatched reliability and a field - proven operational history encompassing two decades of continuous subsea operation without a failure. TSJs allow you to efficiently, safely and cost-effectively connect pipelines to the offshore facility.

Hunting Subsea Technologies' has delivered over 100 TSJs with some in continuous deepwater service for 20 years. TSJs are currently in operation on steel catenary risers for production, water injection, gas lifts, oil export and gas export risers ranging in size from 4- to 20- inches, pressures up to 15ksi, temperatures up to 250F and water depths below 7,000 feet. However, TSJs can be custom designed for virtually any diameter, pressure, temperature and deepwater depth.

Hunting Subsea Technologies' best in class TSJs offer unmatched reliability, performance and corrosion resistance - resulting in lower lifecycle costs and no downtime. When you need durable, flexible, lightweight and long - lasting connections, TSJs are the superior solution for subsea operations. Read More