Specialty Supply

Specialty Supply offers innovative design solutions for gyro, steering tool, and MWD running gear, including adjustable contact centralizers and component parts for all systems. We also have a complete line of stainless steel crossovers, weight bars, rope sockets, stingers available in our product range. 

We stock perforated and rod type retrievable drill pipe mud screens designed to be used in either the Kelly or downhole. They are manufactured from the best materials (T-304 stainless steel for perforated models and H-900 heat treated 1/4” thick 17-4 stainless rod for rod models) and are available in 10” to 48” lengths as well as in non-retrievable sizes.

Our dedicated Specialty Supply division understands the complex needs of the oil and gas industry and are able to offer the right tools to meet customer demands.

MWD Engineering and Design
Successful, but deeper than a strictly “off the shelf” company, the engineering and design division of Specialty Supply is truly unique.  Critical factors including career field experience, managerial training and education, determination to succeed, world-wide industry reputation, investment in personnel, in house state-of the-art machining, and mechanical drawing software expertise make Specialty Supply the company that sets the standard.

Specialty Supply’s top executive and management staff has 100 plus years of direct industry experience.  We know what works, how it works, why it works, when it works.  If you struggle with design issues... we can help.  From improvements to proprietary tools to the co-operative development of new tools, Specialty Supply can enhance your downhole telemetry systems.

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